Saturday, November 29

Toys are tough for online Sellers!

In India, toys are going tougher for online sellers, because of having thrust from competition. 

Fully loaded categories of kids toys with thousands of products listed online are giving expected boost to Industry demand and competition as well. Major e-sellers are competing not only in consumer sales but in product inventory management too. 

They are listing nearly 4K toy products in running inventory. It gives a better platform to buy, depending on demand for different category. The competition is enough to taste bitter for new entrants even they are big.

New online shops must do lots of  homework before burning hand in this (toys) category.

Soft toy is on buyer's top-list than learning & educational toys are second choice of online buyers. Similarly keeping this ahead; e-sellers are listing maximum products in these categories with tons of variants.

Satisfying such huge buyer line and managing internal dynamics is a giant task. Toys with remote control functionality are running as hot cake among age group of 7+years kids. Cars, trains & bikes are choices of 4-6 year kids.

Soft toys are not only popular among kids, but also among teenagers for gifting to peers. Puzzle sounds for kids of mind. Cube is best-selling product among students. Age wise e-sellers are listing more products for 7+ year category. Surprisingly, it gives a perception that school going kids are encouraging moms to buy online toys for them.

Interestingly, Online seller is targeting everyone!  Nearly, 40k products starting price of Rs.45 to Rs. 45k. Also, some sellers are listing swings of Rs. 3-4 L. Big e-sellers are shaking brands in toys line! 

They are managing thousands of brands with the hundreds of their products. This is becoming a single window experience for brand conscious online buyer. Major toy brands are available with huge product line. 

At top or bottom, you will find here brands showcasing their products, in return, it gives a wide variety of toys to online customers.

Tuesday, November 25

Online Games are Trending in India, via E-shops

PC gamers are hyper on buying games online from E-sellers.

Mostly top played games are listed on e-shops. As usual, online Inventory is determining prices of gaming products and offers respectively on these e-shops.

Freaking on price boxes for comparisons is actively going on for smart buying.

“Think like Buyer” for price list of games in a transparent competitive ecosystem of online market is a tough task for product category managers.Online gaming providers are fighting hard for global ranking, in India; online gaming is penetrating sharply. Because of costlier consoles and gadgets it is becoming popular to play online! 

Sites, which are providing games online free to their visitors are having better ranking globally and they are in uptrend mode.Western based online gaming providers are mostly paid or require heavy bandwidth to play on their sites; lower internet bandwidth makes them slow and became less attractive for gamers in India.

While Indian gaming companies develop games as per domestic bandwidth, which makes them faster and attractive games for gamer. It also attracts not only domestic gamer but also international gamer too. Game visualization, digital and design work is the field where there is a lot of scope of growth. 

More opportunity is to be created for Indian art developers.

Instead, 3G based mobile games and application market in India is expected to touch multi-crore capitalization by 2016, driven by strong smartphone growth and with expanded 3G user base. Mobile Internet is striking the doors for large-scale capitalization of digital content through mobile games which expected to grow in coming years.

Smartphone users in India are expected to grow sharply, to fertilize mobile gaming ecosystem. On the otherside 3G users are also rising this year and may touch 266 million by 2016 for smoother use of mobile games.

The gaming market in India is on a fast way! Console gaming has cost constraint and PC gaming is not much popular among gamer either. Mobile devices are evolving or rather turning the video gamer rapidly. There are close to 207 million smartphones across India and getting gaming now is so much easier. You can download it at the click of a button and make purchases too.

Thursday, November 20

Is Air Blowing Hard For Ethnic Clothing Online Business?

India is the place where air breezes then it breeze hard mostly in case of product development! Indian ethnic cloth sellers are in Boost mode for marketing their products online.

Huge number of tradition clothing brands goes online; not only this, but also measureless number of small boutiques are shouting on social media with their ethnic products(Sari, Suits, Kurti, Lahenga, Anarkali, Chaples & Accessories).

A ton of competition, making Buyer King! Festive and wedding season fuels buyer need and seller e-shops should be focused on buyer’s eyeballs to sell ethnic clothing online.

Fascinatingly, online shopping is superlative because it facilitate by way of choosing and comparing between a wide range of product and prices of ethnic women dressesSeveral brands are selling on more than one online site, depending on prices and discounts which can be compared easily.

Small boutiques are selling their ethnic women dresses via creating groups and communities on social media tools and promoting products online in local places too. Big brands and channel distributors are also promoting these small boutiques and designers to showcase their products online for boosting sales and manage supplies.

Indian ethnic culture is a bit biased from western style, in streets of Indian towns. So, big Indian brand are positive for fusion of local boutiques and buyer corridor.

Several other brands are also coming up with their trendy ethnic products online.

Tuesday, November 18

What Next for Sports Product E-shops, Globally !!

In India, offline Sports goods industry consists of nearly 3000 manufacturing units while 130 exports units, mostly in two north states one is in Uttar Pradesh and in Punjab. Ludhiana and Meerut are main sports goods-producing cities in these 2 states.

Indian sports goods have good credibility in International market. Our skilled labor for manufacturing goods has greater scope to get better employment opportunity in this sector. Provided it get flourished with the help of technology. 

Better marketing and online trading exposure to this industry could place Indian sports goods globally. The industry exports nearly 60 per cent of its total output to sports-loving people the world over. This makes it feasible to retail products online globally via major E-portals.

Presently, online sports market has a lot of to expand. In India, Multi-trade concept is critical task to be a success. Generally exclusive product line makes better business; sports equipment industry can play a vital role to fuel exclusive online facility to sell sports goods globally. 

As upcoming furniture industry is grooming for trend in online business, similarly sports industry should have big online presence to show Indian footprint in this sector. This sector could provide products globally online as UK, USA & Australia are major buyers of sports goods from India.

As electronic retail sector is in run mode, why Indian Multi-billion sports goods manufacturing industry leave it behind to sell products online globally? 

Thursday, November 13

Is “Imitation jewellery” Hot product Online?

To attract eyeballs with the dazzling looks and designs “Jewellery” is Hot product Online!

Online shopping is emerging a process to have expensive &  pocket suited imitation jewellery.

It is simple and attractive to visit online web page full of products deals and accessories ranging from economical to high categories like earrings, necklaces, pendants, pendant sets, rings bracelets, anklets nose pins, chains, cufflinks and  hair accessories and so on. Several portals are flashing  imitated jewellery, are the major player in this field.

Vertically Industry has different arena as major jewel merchants are keeping themselves away from online  competition. It is becoming an open field for multi-product Electronic retailer.Several e-retail sites are selling with attractive pricing with various seasonal offers and at bumper Discounts.

Many startups to launch online imitated jewellery are fixing their banners. Funding and efficiency are basic hurdles in this business. People are rapidly shifting to imitated Jewellery as it is within their purchasing power.

A study extracts college students are main online Jewellery buyers. The imitation jewellery market, which is about Rs 10,000 crore in India presently, is expected to touch Rs 15,000 crore by 2015 because of  growing demand and popularity. Artificial jewellery provides a wide range of variety to choose from ranging in different segments of prices.

It’s fun to wear and is popular among all age groups of women. As the traditional gold and diamond jewellery  not lost its significance but still imitated jewellery is the choice of the hour. The trend of artificial jewellery shoots up not just because it is inexpensive but is having a huge variety of designs and colours as well.

You must take care of material used for making jewellery while buying it online. Price is your choice what you want spend on design's creativity.

Sunday, November 9

Is Indian Furniture Buyer shifting to Online Sellers?

In India, where tendency of buying home furnishing depends greatly on feel and touch theory. Is this theory fading in coming years to buy home furnishing online. As In India, Urban Ladder is major player in India, catching buyer online for furnishing needs. While recently USA based online furniture giant IKEA was tending towards Indian market for opening store in metro cities.

Major challenges in India for successful online operations is reach of buyer on furniture sites for furniture surfing. Only metros could not be enough for online business transactions, sellers must flight to satellite destinations for better reach.

Still, much behind in capturing attention of new online furniture buyers. Although, in India, there is tremendous changes in online interaction based planning to fill gap between buyer and product catalogs. Which improves engagement of expected buyer on furniture sites and it is making buyer to think of online furniture purchases.  

In India, generally buyers have very sophisticated philosophy regarding online sellers; they do a huge research before buying about product categories, quality, prices, availability, discounts, services, dispatch & terms etc. Online furniture sellers must provide huge material with fact to help buyer’s research. Indian online Buyer wants global look product at domestic pocket capacities with full satisfaction.

In case of furniture, Indian online market is totally different as USA, its bit amazing but true in case of online buying process that male are more interested then female. Just opposite in USA, female do more.

Similarly, most of furniture orders and buyers came from workplaces rather from domestic in India. Indian online furniture sellers should also concentrate on Institutional buyers as USA base E-sellers does.

 In India people have a thought, In case of expenditure on furniture products is considered to be an investment in asset for long time. It resulted in to lengthy time buying chance of new product by similar buyer. This reduces sales in particular geography, which tends to expand market geography to be a successful online furniture seller. Domestic online furniture sellers must think about crossing boundaries of Indian continent to throw products outside India.

Only social sites have power to boost Indian online furnishing industry by connecting society online. Simply connect people to share, they will do mouth (chat) publicity for you. Indians believe in sharing and expressing suggestions socially. 

Friday, November 7

Burger King Steps into India !!

From electronics to furniture its fine but now burger are having huge pre-order booking before opening store in India. Burger king India has to open its first store at Select City Walk Mall New Delhi. 

Burger King has received Pre-orders for 1,200 'Whopper' Burgers, even before the launch of its first store in India. The American Burger giant opens its doors in the country at noon, this Sunday, November 9 at New Delhi's Select City Walk Mall.

Burger King India in a tie-up with e-commerce major eBay was offering customers a chance to pre-order their chicken, mutton or vegetarian 'Whopper' burgers at a special promotional flat price of Rs. 128 (inclusive of taxes) between November 3-5.

Facebook page of Burger King Mention "Good news for all the whopper shoppers- We will have a separate Queue for everyone who booked the Whopper on eBay India! See you all there on the 9th!"

Buyers who ordered their burgers on eBay would receive a coupon at their door step via a courier, buyer has to present it at the store to get their burgers. It also offers a free 'Whopper' t-shirt along with their Burger. Such huge Burger buying tendency of online shoppers creates a new scene of future market dynamics. Although McDonald, Pizza Hut, Domino are also offering online offers via different campaigns. 

Would Burger King dominate market in India by using different E-retailers as E-bay? 
Like eBay, other E-sellers will also add a feather to buyer’s online shopping experience as ordering a burger with electronic equipment?

Tuesday, November 4

Are E-Shops in line with Indian Social Demography !!

India is State where we can say there is diverse market demography in Rural and Urban economy. Majorly retail market movement depend on its culture traditions events in a rural economy. Whereas weekends, holidays and main festivals in urban.

With an edge observation, you will find Indian retail market pick up high during festive months and even a slump during a non-festive season especially in some rural economies which are strength of Indian economy. While in urban areas weekends gives thrust to shopping domains.

Huge crowd movement in the retail sector during a festive season tends retailer to increase the level of inventories for a short span of time to meet demand. Now question arises how this fluctuated demand can be managed by an Indian online retailer?

Is it productive for Indian electronic retailer to run the banner with Indian festive for a year.As inventory management, would Indian online retailers will go randomly with unproductive results or will plan for inventory mechanism based on Indian retail consumer needs and trends of buyer’s behavior.

No doubt, there is huge scope in Indian market, but we should keep in mind "core buyer" in rural India, which move in market streets mostly in case of festival or event like wedding during particular period of time. While in urban streets, buyer moves in weekends.