Sunday, November 9

Is Indian Furniture Buyer shifting to Online Sellers?

In India, where tendency of buying home furnishing depends greatly on feel and touch theory. Is this theory fading in coming years to buy home furnishing online. As In India, Urban Ladder is major player in India, catching buyer online for furnishing needs. While recently USA based online furniture giant IKEA was tending towards Indian market for opening store in metro cities.

Major challenges in India for successful online operations is reach of buyer on furniture sites for furniture surfing. Only metros could not be enough for online business transactions, sellers must flight to satellite destinations for better reach.

Still, much behind in capturing attention of new online furniture buyers. Although, in India, there is tremendous changes in online interaction based planning to fill gap between buyer and product catalogs. Which improves engagement of expected buyer on furniture sites and it is making buyer to think of online furniture purchases.  

In India, generally buyers have very sophisticated philosophy regarding online sellers; they do a huge research before buying about product categories, quality, prices, availability, discounts, services, dispatch & terms etc. Online furniture sellers must provide huge material with fact to help buyer’s research. Indian online Buyer wants global look product at domestic pocket capacities with full satisfaction.

In case of furniture, Indian online market is totally different as USA, its bit amazing but true in case of online buying process that male are more interested then female. Just opposite in USA, female do more.

Similarly, most of furniture orders and buyers came from workplaces rather from domestic in India. Indian online furniture sellers should also concentrate on Institutional buyers as USA base E-sellers does.

 In India people have a thought, In case of expenditure on furniture products is considered to be an investment in asset for long time. It resulted in to lengthy time buying chance of new product by similar buyer. This reduces sales in particular geography, which tends to expand market geography to be a successful online furniture seller. Domestic online furniture sellers must think about crossing boundaries of Indian continent to throw products outside India.

Only social sites have power to boost Indian online furnishing industry by connecting society online. Simply connect people to share, they will do mouth (chat) publicity for you. Indians believe in sharing and expressing suggestions socially.