Thursday, October 30

Could SaaS E-commerce Evolve BIG ?

An Indian recognizes better an Indian taste. This philosophy is ruling from beginning, Indian economy started from a small car to upcoming Info-tech revolution. It applies!

Software-as-a-Service [SaaS], concept is picking up in Indian online retail Industry. SME implement this concept, to have freedom from a hassle free and tech savvy job of cart management. It is totally a differ approach for e-commerce business. If you will observe the functionality of SaaS is same but with a wide variance Insight.

Evolution of this concept in India is a signal of better customization and services to a remote buyer.

Technology plays a vital role in this concept. SaaS developer’s skills could be a game changer. Technology for competition has its significance. Several startups have improved their ranking via better customer-centric approach.

User-friendly technology, brand management tools, soft pricing, and operation guidance make this an evolving ecosystem in online Industry. For micro [brick and mortar] retail sector SaaS could be used significantly for satellite markets in India. Several leading Indian SaaS platforms are integrating with leading global e-giants which enhance the integration of micro retailer too.

Technology equipped, having cloud-based service providers with security emphasized tools are in play mode. Setting up prospects as dream, is an art of developing partners in this segment. As western philosophy, alignment with social sites is another way of conversion of circle into a buyer’s hub. Indian context it might be futuristic approach or could be affected by consumer behavior for buying process. Showcasing themes or selling themes could not be a better idea till it has some uniqueness with either technology or Interface.

Widely exercised pricing and options are two major issues which radically emphasized by business community. Maintaining high values for business is widely exercised in SaaS ecosystem. Leading players are always transparent and rigid to its policy. Service user is always going to pay extra rather for a snag in the future, which jumbles the business in between.

Amazing its Amazon!!

Amazing its Amazon!!  It is true, as it follows the amazing strategy to go with Indian shoppers. Penetrate market via a reference cum sale based tool Junglee, it will not be wrong if we will say it a Hi Tech product classified generating leads to its parent company and other online players along with local sellers.

It is a better competitive threat to existing online classifieds. "Start Here, Shop Anywhere” is big strategy to run online market dynamics. It touches the root of Indian buyer behavior. A minor promotion of this service via junglee could bend online market trend towards Amazon's Billboard.On observing you will feel amazing as If you want to have a small thing like 16 GB HP pen drive then junglee gives you 6 options with 6 different prices and along choice to buy from seller’s site of best option.

Moreover you will find related options listed by verified local sellers based on locations along with their contact numbers with get availability information. If you want to have a tablet by apple you find 5 online sellers along with more numbers of Sellers near your location along with call and SMS facility to know the availability.

In case of Sofa Furnishings you will find major online players where they have different products with different prices so a comparison might not be possible in this case they are offering list of more than 200 local best furniture sellers along with address, phone number and SMS Facility for future follow on.

Buyer has something amazing to navigate on each product detail page. It shows how Amazon's strategy is going to play a big role to reach customer via Junglee.

Strategy to promote other's offers and huge spending on online infrastructure facility creation could bring big rewards for Amazon India.

Monday, October 27

E-Seller are Highlighting Home tools !!

Home improvement tools are getting flash at home banner of e-sellers. A power & hand tool kit of a renowned company is rolling on Snapdeal. This tool kit consists of Combination Pliers, Nylon Plugs, Concrete Drill Bits, Measuring Tape, Utility Knife, Metal and Wood Drill Bits, Hammer Drill, Wrench, Hammer, Cutter, Spirit Level, Screwdriver Bits, Bit Holder, Screws.

Other Specific tools also listed in categories like Gardening Tools, Measuring & Layout Tools, Tool accessories.

Durability of tools is pioneer and as kit contains separate drill bits for drilling in wood, Steel & Concrete. The kit has got a stainless steel hammer and adjustable wrench with excellent grip. The drill machine comes with two modes to choose from that are the impact mode for drilling material such as concrete and normal mode for drilling in wood. It has magnetic screwdriver holder with different screw driver bits which makes your work easy and fast no more manual screw drivers required.

All over it is great tool for fixing up and repairing things at your home and office. It is easy in handling and will help you save a lot of money which we give to carpenters for repairs.

Sunday, October 26

Online Retailers working with Top Designers !!

Snapdeal is moving ahead on its ambitious project 'The Designer Studio'. Putting all top designers’ efforts under a one online Dome is biggest achievement.

Moreover, it will be in association with FDCI (Fashion Design Council of India) an apex body for the fashion industry. The main objective of FDCI is to bring all talented designers across the country under one cohesive body and guiding the fashion industry towards its goal of sustainable growth.

Some of the biggest designer Manish arora, Malini Ramani, Ashish soni, Samant chauhan and more will showcase and sell selected apparel and accessories from their latest collections. The Designer Studio will be a unique platform, where the apex body of Indian fashion and India's largest online market place come together to bring you the best from the world of fashion.

As shopper hover over The Designer Studio finds collection of Manish arora, Ashish soni, Malini ramani running and some designer's work is in pipeline. Stores have tagged Salwar Suits, T-shirts, Kurties, and Kaftans along with Bridal wear collections for Manish's Store.

Soni hooked Nehru jackets, Bandgalas and Blazers along with Autumn-winter collection. While Malini shows Dress and Tops emphasizing on Autumn Winter Collection.

Samant chauhan displays Chic Shirts for winter.

To bring top valued products to the “Remote and Busy” buyer on their doorsteps is relation-building campaign of online sellers.

Friday, October 24

Are E-tailors Catching Cat in Net by putting Milk in Bowl?

In India, discussion on online-offline Battle came out after a million day type experimental campaigns.
Technically, one million sale in ten hour is like a spoon in a jug. But at last the process tends the buyer-seller community to have some sweeter and bitter experience. In India, online sale have some limitations of their reach. In metros and metros-connected cities youth handle internet or Smart phone jump for online sales.

They sold out limited youth-related items like Mobile, Laptops, Music console, Youth clothing & accessories. Is it completes the whole Indian trade economy? Indian trade economy goes deep from big goods depot to a shop in streets of mohalla/colony. Indian Corporate has wide distribution network clicking several Depots, C/F agents, Distributors, Whole sellers, Retailers, Ready to move shops.

In India people purchases not only on the bases of loyalty but before that it came relations. If we move in a street having 4 Shops, then buyer prefers to have goods from whom he has better  relations. Distribution/supply channel runs on 8/10 relations based channel partners. 

Are we trying to overlap relations by pampering buyers with Heavy discounts?  For a Short time span its fine but later it becomes a myth.  

To have a long journey, you have to work as buyer wants. Buyer buys on relations then you have to create your relations with buyer. 

Just like in India free government schemes does not work out due to lack of relation between beneficiary and authorities. If you create relations you got sold your products.  India is a country where multi level marketing companies got failed. So, whatever business you do basic thing is customer relations. Relations depend on faith of buyer on online stores. 

That the point coming out; are we considering on relation development or catching cat in net by putting milk in a bowl. Lots of funds can be fetched out from outsiders, but are E-tailors on right side of road? 

eBay with more secure Browser.

ebay is using browser with updated secure protocols to safer the shopping experience of millions. Recently start  disabling support for SSL 3.0 as a precautionary measure. As old one (SSLV3/SSL3.0) has largely been replaced by modern protocols,  such as Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Some customers using older versions of browsers while using ebay, need to update their browser. Fortunately, the newest versions of browsers available provide higher levels of protection. 

Implementing this change is necessary to provide a safe, secure online shopping experience to millions of customers. If Shoppers are using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 7 and later versions, Opera 5 and later versions not need to update your Browser.

Thursday, October 23

Twitter to Test 'Buy' Button in US.

The Social Media facility 'Twitter' is in Process of Rolling 'Buy Button' via their Mobile App to a small percentage of US user at first. User will get Access to offers and merchandise they can't get anywhere. It is for Android and iOS Surfers. Seller will get a new experience to turn relationship with their followers in to Sales. Although in July, Facebook had also said that it is also testing for similar 'Buy' Button on its facility.

'Buy' Button Pampers E-Retailers and E-Sellers both. The Social concept turn in a shopping concept. With Products, re-tweeting will be a powerful & interesting option for Shoppers. 

Wednesday, October 22

Just Dial Plans to be a online Retail Shop its amazing !!

Its Board plans to raise up to Rs.1000 Crore from market. It again Shows  how India's  online business is going to be at peak. Investors are opening their pockets for funding plans of online retailers. 

Specially in case of just Dial its becoming a feather funding, as it has a huge base of Registered Retail Merchants on its online facility. While So many Giants E-tailers are marching on funding for their investment heavily in logistics and warehouse.

Just Dial's plays not only in to products categories but also its Search Plus Facility covering 145,000 Merchants & Offers over 20 services from flowers to booking doctors appointment all services could be connected with mobile from next year.

Sunday, October 19

Small E-Retailers Footing Better in Shopper Arena.

Middle size online sellers, giving more end-user satisfaction on delivery and service part of their business. Their focus on specific product segment and user centric approach is giving a unique approach to online business segment.

Rather doing business in volumes these small online units creating margin via putting emphasis on small group of consumer.

Mega online player trying to panetrate by providing huge discounts,but what next.
Its a bitter pill that stop running fast, start going steady else of not use.

People beliving in small online marts, if they provide better visual with better quality products with better customer relations.

Experimenting in market is resonable but experimenting with customer destroys the whole industry.

In India it is proved in several times.

Saturday, October 18

E-sellers Pushes Back Physical Stores on Diwali.

As e-commerce market India is reasonable target market. As 35 per cent of the population is aged between 15 and 35 years and 30 per cent below 15. This year brick & mortar retailer are facing tough competition from e-sellers. Indian online sellers had expected to invest $6 billion in previous years.

Interesting thing is that Indian online market increasing not only via desktop’s platform but also via mobiles. Almost all e-seller developed its mobile app to Smoothen buying process. India’s largest e-commerce company flipkart declares that it sold $100 million worth of goods. This resulted Into sale hype by Snapdeal and Amazon to follow same track and dropped prices, dumped stocks in garage of brick-mortar stores.

In Indian tendency cheapest is always welcome, why should a working-wife buying from traditional seller, not go ahead with her washing machine, kitchenware online.

Friday, October 17

Top Dipawali collection E-retailer

This dipawali is provoking its buyers by giving offers based on numbers of buyers coming to buy with in a time period and not only this, also offering iphone6 to highest spender in a hour on diwali products. has triggered its DIWALI BAZAR to cater shoppers diwali day needs, diwali lightings r sparkling in its store to attract buyers. Discount on these lights is also appearing.

Thursday, October 16


Nokia pampers with guaranteed cash back on lumina530 and lumia630 and a chance to win 100% cash back on entire Lumina range.

Amazon provide for a gift of rs.4000 get rs.400 with greeting card and in gift box.

Snap Deal provides flat 50% off on clothing footwear accessories applying conditions. fixes wide segment-wise offers on Diwali attracting visitors on its home page.

At home banner offering a Gold platted coin with every bass product. offering irresistible festive offer flat 40% no minimum purchase required. flashed style sparkle offer extra 32% off on new arrival till 19th October.