Friday, October 24

Are E-tailors Catching Cat in Net by putting Milk in Bowl?

In India, discussion on online-offline Battle came out after a million day type experimental campaigns.
Technically, one million sale in ten hour is like a spoon in a jug. But at last the process tends the buyer-seller community to have some sweeter and bitter experience. In India, online sale have some limitations of their reach. In metros and metros-connected cities youth handle internet or Smart phone jump for online sales.

They sold out limited youth-related items like Mobile, Laptops, Music console, Youth clothing & accessories. Is it completes the whole Indian trade economy? Indian trade economy goes deep from big goods depot to a shop in streets of mohalla/colony. Indian Corporate has wide distribution network clicking several Depots, C/F agents, Distributors, Whole sellers, Retailers, Ready to move shops.

In India people purchases not only on the bases of loyalty but before that it came relations. If we move in a street having 4 Shops, then buyer prefers to have goods from whom he has better  relations. Distribution/supply channel runs on 8/10 relations based channel partners. 

Are we trying to overlap relations by pampering buyers with Heavy discounts?  For a Short time span its fine but later it becomes a myth.  

To have a long journey, you have to work as buyer wants. Buyer buys on relations then you have to create your relations with buyer. 

Just like in India free government schemes does not work out due to lack of relation between beneficiary and authorities. If you create relations you got sold your products.  India is a country where multi level marketing companies got failed. So, whatever business you do basic thing is customer relations. Relations depend on faith of buyer on online stores. 

That the point coming out; are we considering on relation development or catching cat in net by putting milk in a bowl. Lots of funds can be fetched out from outsiders, but are E-tailors on right side of road?