Tuesday, December 2

Kitchen Concept Demanding Reshuffle for Online Business.

Kitchen is not a nook in the home, but a concept in woman Insight!  

As Gurgaon was a town where Modular Kitchen concept propel deeply. 

Big Brands monetize this concept by customizing it as offline consumer needs. Italian & German brands are leading in upper and most upper class of society. Domestic players having major pie share in the market due to affordable kitchen solutions.

Customization is key to business! For a kitchen, business is far behind in Indian online ecosystem.

Basically, two factors for this one, having a lesser use of technology for online customization of products and second feel and touch factor. Online business for kitchen could not be sync only in some pixels of 3d rendered images of kitchen.

To have a landing page with beautiful images is good for surfing but not for future conversions. Now, consumer needs specifications about nut and bolts. Detailed content and stuffed quote are the rules of today’s concept selling.

Online interactive platforms and facilities could emerge as a better tool for boosting further modular kitchen-Industry. Instant response to Question is nail into a board which could fix your deal.

Players are putting landing page online, but what next? or it results only to gather inquiry for a lead and lead into lengthy wait. Online visitor needs more for concept buying, wants to interact online. Brands of modular kitchen must facilitate their visitors with online quote generation tool for estimating prices and budgets which provide more interaction in buying process, to satisfy buyer..

E-sellers are listing accessory products but with little product variations and feel of unorganized category, is coming out.