Saturday, November 29

Toys are tough for online Sellers!

In India, toys are going tougher for online sellers, because of having thrust from competition. 

Fully loaded categories of kids toys with thousands of products listed online are giving expected boost to Industry demand and competition as well. Major e-sellers are competing not only in consumer sales but in product inventory management too. 

They are listing nearly 4K toy products in running inventory. It gives a better platform to buy, depending on demand for different category. The competition is enough to taste bitter for new entrants even they are big.

New online shops must do lots of  homework before burning hand in this (toys) category.

Soft toy is on buyer's top-list than learning & educational toys are second choice of online buyers. Similarly keeping this ahead; e-sellers are listing maximum products in these categories with tons of variants.

Satisfying such huge buyer line and managing internal dynamics is a giant task. Toys with remote control functionality are running as hot cake among age group of 7+years kids. Cars, trains & bikes are choices of 4-6 year kids.

Soft toys are not only popular among kids, but also among teenagers for gifting to peers. Puzzle sounds for kids of mind. Cube is best-selling product among students. Age wise e-sellers are listing more products for 7+ year category. Surprisingly, it gives a perception that school going kids are encouraging moms to buy online toys for them.

Interestingly, Online seller is targeting everyone!  Nearly, 40k products starting price of Rs.45 to Rs. 45k. Also, some sellers are listing swings of Rs. 3-4 L. Big e-sellers are shaking brands in toys line! 

They are managing thousands of brands with the hundreds of their products. This is becoming a single window experience for brand conscious online buyer. Major toy brands are available with huge product line. 

At top or bottom, you will find here brands showcasing their products, in return, it gives a wide variety of toys to online customers.