Tuesday, November 25

Online Games are Trending in India, via E-shops

PC gamers are hyper on buying games online from E-sellers.

Mostly top played games are listed on e-shops. As usual, online Inventory is determining prices of gaming products and offers respectively on these e-shops.

Freaking on price boxes for comparisons is actively going on for smart buying.

“Think like Buyer” for price list of games in a transparent competitive ecosystem of online market is a tough task for product category managers.Online gaming providers are fighting hard for global ranking, in India; online gaming is penetrating sharply. Because of costlier consoles and gadgets it is becoming popular to play online! 

Sites, which are providing games online free to their visitors are having better ranking globally and they are in uptrend mode.Western based online gaming providers are mostly paid or require heavy bandwidth to play on their sites; lower internet bandwidth makes them slow and became less attractive for gamers in India.

While Indian gaming companies develop games as per domestic bandwidth, which makes them faster and attractive games for gamer. It also attracts not only domestic gamer but also international gamer too. Game visualization, digital and design work is the field where there is a lot of scope of growth. 

More opportunity is to be created for Indian art developers.

Instead, 3G based mobile games and application market in India is expected to touch multi-crore capitalization by 2016, driven by strong smartphone growth and with expanded 3G user base. Mobile Internet is striking the doors for large-scale capitalization of digital content through mobile games which expected to grow in coming years.

Smartphone users in India are expected to grow sharply, to fertilize mobile gaming ecosystem. On the otherside 3G users are also rising this year and may touch 266 million by 2016 for smoother use of mobile games.

The gaming market in India is on a fast way! Console gaming has cost constraint and PC gaming is not much popular among gamer either. Mobile devices are evolving or rather turning the video gamer rapidly. There are close to 207 million smartphones across India and getting gaming now is so much easier. You can download it at the click of a button and make purchases too.