Thursday, October 30

Could SaaS E-commerce Evolve BIG ?

An Indian recognizes better an Indian taste. This philosophy is ruling from beginning, Indian economy started from a small car to upcoming Info-tech revolution. It applies!

Software-as-a-Service [SaaS], concept is picking up in Indian online retail Industry. SME implement this concept, to have freedom from a hassle free and tech savvy job of cart management. It is totally a differ approach for e-commerce business. If you will observe the functionality of SaaS is same but with a wide variance Insight.

Evolution of this concept in India is a signal of better customization and services to a remote buyer.

Technology plays a vital role in this concept. SaaS developer’s skills could be a game changer. Technology for competition has its significance. Several startups have improved their ranking via better customer-centric approach.

User-friendly technology, brand management tools, soft pricing, and operation guidance make this an evolving ecosystem in online Industry. For micro [brick and mortar] retail sector SaaS could be used significantly for satellite markets in India. Several leading Indian SaaS platforms are integrating with leading global e-giants which enhance the integration of micro retailer too.

Technology equipped, having cloud-based service providers with security emphasized tools are in play mode. Setting up prospects as dream, is an art of developing partners in this segment. As western philosophy, alignment with social sites is another way of conversion of circle into a buyer’s hub. Indian context it might be futuristic approach or could be affected by consumer behavior for buying process. Showcasing themes or selling themes could not be a better idea till it has some uniqueness with either technology or Interface.

Widely exercised pricing and options are two major issues which radically emphasized by business community. Maintaining high values for business is widely exercised in SaaS ecosystem. Leading players are always transparent and rigid to its policy. Service user is always going to pay extra rather for a snag in the future, which jumbles the business in between.