Thursday, October 30

Amazing its Amazon!!

Amazing its Amazon!!  It is true, as it follows the amazing strategy to go with Indian shoppers. Penetrate market via a reference cum sale based tool Junglee, it will not be wrong if we will say it a Hi Tech product classified generating leads to its parent company and other online players along with local sellers.

It is a better competitive threat to existing online classifieds. "Start Here, Shop Anywhere” is big strategy to run online market dynamics. It touches the root of Indian buyer behavior. A minor promotion of this service via junglee could bend online market trend towards Amazon's Billboard.On observing you will feel amazing as If you want to have a small thing like 16 GB HP pen drive then junglee gives you 6 options with 6 different prices and along choice to buy from seller’s site of best option.

Moreover you will find related options listed by verified local sellers based on locations along with their contact numbers with get availability information. If you want to have a tablet by apple you find 5 online sellers along with more numbers of Sellers near your location along with call and SMS facility to know the availability.

In case of Sofa Furnishings you will find major online players where they have different products with different prices so a comparison might not be possible in this case they are offering list of more than 200 local best furniture sellers along with address, phone number and SMS Facility for future follow on.

Buyer has something amazing to navigate on each product detail page. It shows how Amazon's strategy is going to play a big role to reach customer via Junglee.

Strategy to promote other's offers and huge spending on online infrastructure facility creation could bring big rewards for Amazon India.