Saturday, October 18

E-sellers Pushes Back Physical Stores on Diwali.

As e-commerce market India is reasonable target market. As 35 per cent of the population is aged between 15 and 35 years and 30 per cent below 15. This year brick & mortar retailer are facing tough competition from e-sellers. Indian online sellers had expected to invest $6 billion in previous years.

Interesting thing is that Indian online market increasing not only via desktop’s platform but also via mobiles. Almost all e-seller developed its mobile app to Smoothen buying process. India’s largest e-commerce company flipkart declares that it sold $100 million worth of goods. This resulted Into sale hype by Snapdeal and Amazon to follow same track and dropped prices, dumped stocks in garage of brick-mortar stores.

In Indian tendency cheapest is always welcome, why should a working-wife buying from traditional seller, not go ahead with her washing machine, kitchenware online.