Friday, December 12

Flower e-shops Demanding Recasting to have Global Look!

A long line of online flower e-shops tells; how big this segment is?  Flowers are today’s trend! And online e-shops are again making it fast and easy to gift wishes of buyers for their love ones.

Exclusive e-shops on flowers like flower aura, city flowers, Florista, Bookmyflowers, and Tajflorist are drift e-shops for flowers. Online buyers have several categories for floral gifting. Likewise, could go for floral gifting on the basis of occasion, type of flower,  colors, and as well by price too.  

Flower e-shops did not fix their windows only by flowers but also have some other product like chocolates, cakes, teddy and now some folk sweets too. It makes easy for a buyer to do collective shopping on occasions.

E-shops are also diffusing flower base decoration on events. They are recasting online shops for flowers and decorative for party decoration, birthdays, ceremony, and wedding anniversary in a specialty section!

Delivery is a challenge for any flower e-shop and time is fixed. They are booking pre-orders before months to manage shipments in a limited time for season’s events. It is to be said that for gift business boundaries of cities doesn't matter. So location and on time delivery of flowers is a big task to manage things up to the level of buyers feeling of gifting.

In India, flower e-shops must work on the uniqueness of floral gifts, no doubt, delivery and time plays a bigger role but having unique floral gift is a big issue of buyer. An exercise to have a unique floral gift listed on e-shop, could earn more in a competitive online floral business.

What is more, innovation generates more; so similar fancy images without fine-brushing in design software lead to uneasy experience to buyer of gifts.  If Indian online gifting Industry has to compete with International community; then it has to do exercise on some standards for listing products online for success.