Monday, December 8

Is online Lighting Business is Part-time Job for E-shops?

In festive season and events, lighting is an indispensable part of decorative. Indian is more aggressive buyers of decorative lights, not only this India celebrates Diwali “the festival of light”. 

This opened up a gateway for decorative lighting business. Although it’s not only on national festivals or events but also on weddings, birthdays, farewells, launchings, parties & street decorations decorative lighting have significant demand.

With this scope, several e-shops are listing lights on their categories. Big game has to be played in this segment by e-shops. Still some effort is to be made to promote decorative light online business. E-shops must manage products in this category. Proper classification leads to generate sales and as well buyer confidence extends.

Price and quality factors are big issues for decorative lights. Whenever, quality matter for a buyer offline retailer provide test and buy facility to its buyer which attracts more.  Some e-shops have a great collection and with clear return policy and warranty policy for decorative lightings. In lighting products, it is malfunctioning, it must be replaced within a time period.

Innovative design of lighting is key to business in decorative lighting niche. Today’s buyer thinks about innovative decoration on festivals and events. Online showcasing of decorative lighting products could lead to the boost sale of e-sellers. Visualization of product is a part of e-shop marketing, which facilitates to generate online sales. 

Training of product placement while uploading and listing lighting products on e-shops could lead to better category management and product visualization.

Today lighting business is not a part time job for traders; it’s now a 365 day’s business. And an online e-shop opened up new edges for decorative lighting business. B2B online business of lighting is flourishing better. 

Online B2C business for decorative lights could emerge as a big by a little doing concentration on buyers behavior and need for decorative lightings.

Giant e-shops have huge product-line for decorative lights. Premium decorative lights for indoors is listed on several E-shops. Craft & Folk lights are available on e-shop, buying online of such lighting products makes it easy and time-saving activity for buyer.