Friday, December 19

Book E-shop's Hip-Hop for Selling Online?

Apart from Hip-Hop of online biz related to books on major e-shops, still resources are underlying with India’s traditional publishers. 

They have full clues about reader’s soft spot. This understanding is tending them to have clean e-shops without any hip-hop displays; which gives a formal approach to displaying books to a sensitive reader. It creates feeling of conviction and fidelity for book e-shop. 

Asia House, exhibiting & selling books on web in a beautiful way! It’s prearranged but attracts reader. NBT, have a separate e-shop to buy online along with a catalog download facility. 

Online readers club, library, discussions (SAMVAD), newsletters, circulars, and events create curiosity among book readers and learners. Yes! These institutions have more attributes than any other Hip-Hop books e-shops. In India, books never a mundane product to sale! 

Because of straightforwardness and awareness of reader's is always attached. Yes, discounts have its own role but it is slender to the textbooks where corporatization bubbles competition. If you will observe, discounts can be a tool for primary and secondary educational books. But not for higher education, there is awareness factor working in buying process.

Thing coming out is, we should plan socializing book buying process. In Hip-Hop season of shopping, it might be thorny to absorb this. What the reason, that our big earliest Indian publishers are designing “Book E-shops” with a community tool & formal touch-up?  

They have better insight because they are at this point, in bookstores from decades. Photo brushing could go ahead to attract eyeball, but not enough to generate leisure activity among readers.