Friday, January 9

Mumbai's, Story Kit Subscription Nook for Kids!

When brainchild thrives then a nook becomes the wall itself to scribble history!

Splendor work done by entrepreneur to make an idea of online subscription mind-blowing. A collection of some single-threaded people, whose consent combines together for burden something special for kids, is now floating on a surface.

Mumbai’s Little Reader’s Nook! It coins online subscription of story kits for kids. It Include book, reading &  vocabulary  tip, worksheet  &  craft activity via craft specialists. They have listed bundle of themes for monthly subscriptions to order online story kits.

For story session, they renovate for kid’s early literacy skills & vocabulary, language skills & imagination. Little Reader’s Nook storytellers narrate stories. Excellent craft activities run by it. Well-designed story session to absorb situations for your kids.

Schools, pre-schools and activity centers are joining brains with Little Reader’s Nook to go to the lead on the way of interactive learning and making kid’s standpoint brighter. For schools, they stream library sessions. They proceed story session on partner’s/client premises. Take home story kit is a brilliant concept derived by Little Reader’s Nook. An initiative by it is baby's first kit - for newborns and babies. Personalized and read aloud resources are more interesting part of  Little Reader’s Nook.

It’s a simplified way to search for an online storyteller via tagging area and contact numbers, for the people. Payment via secured https makes it again handy for story kit subscriber.  

This Story Kit subscription e-shop concept is well derived by Little Reader’s Nook