Friday, January 2

Magnetic “Latlakar” is Pulling Ethnic & Modern Poles to Spark as E-shop.

Where brain is laboratory and tradition is chemistry and concept a catalyst to get visitor’s reactions! 

During schools, Latlakar was not so easy to absorb into a mind, if you want to check a magnetic field of your brain’s magnet then latlakar have both poles. You will get a spark!

Latlakar is working on concept and art for merchandise. As a brand name shows something goes for ethnic. But not only this pulling both ethnic and modern poles together to bound over a concept is demanding workout. 
Folk Aham Brahmasmi! Give a diluted chemistry of ethnic and modern carving of design. Ullu Da Puttar gives a feel of naughtiness among humans, a perfect mixture of art and modern attitude. “Nityasundara” iconic ‘Sanjhi’ art form of India depicts the most truth, most beautiful form of Shiva, gives a trendy look. “Sarva Siddhanta” design is pampering geeks by its look.

If your brain has a thirst for design then “Latlakar” is a place to go for.

Online business is grooming today!  India is in a need of thousands of micro niche creative’s e-shops for an e-commerce industry. To push out Indian demographic challenges, niche e-shops are critically using their skills to get the place deep into the online market.