Tuesday, February 3

Indibni Enlighten Its Creative Eshop!

When story of Indian online business is crafted by creative product lines, then there is no way to discontinue India as Brand India. Indibni.com is telling likewise story online.

Design for Life describes that the relationship of design & life is so fixed and natural.

Indibni is a design company which deals in gifting products and branding services, its front face is store; where it tags relation based gifting objects. Started a team of three concurring people, who work out for product design, production, marketing, order process and all nuts & bolt. From ideation & planning to consumption via production is a process which demands lots. Pin to pen it all technically hyper things to manage and make live on board. Creating a charming product is a most typical task for a product developer.

Indibni founder Mr. Nitin Jain says “Indibni.com had limited funds but ambitious trio to reach the heights, so instead starting our own e commerce portal, we approached third party portals/online marketplaces like ebay, amazon, fabfurnish, rediff, indiangiftsportal etc, opened our E-shops and starting selling products”. This approach for E-shops In Indian e commerce system is evolving and new business prospects are rising.

For Indibni the emotions of users are most valuable and it reflects in its products.To give customers the right gifting touch, indibni.com also take care of the packaging of the product. Gift wrap every single product with brown paper and red satin ribbon and add a message which is either given to the buyer for their loved one or by us according to an occasion. Indibni  has feedbacks from customers on their experience with our products, Do surveys for understanding their needs before designing any new range, ask them to review us etc. Indibni’s products are available at giant e shops like ebay.in, ebay.com, amazon.in, amazon.com, Snapdeal, indiangiftsportal, giftingnation, fabfurnish, binocolor, rediff, wahgifts etc.

Indibni’s stockyard is filled with a huge product line. Mother is the one who has brought all of us to this beautiful world, So they have decided to launch first product range on mother in 2013 and the products were a kitchen door sign that says “Mummy Da Dhaba - 24x7 open”, a set of coasters named as “Mummy Ki Zubaani” that says doodh to peena hi padega, saara din phone par lage rehte ho, aane de papa ko and yeh koi waqt hai ghar aaneka , a set of fridge magnet for mom and child in which mom is asking khaane mein kya banau? and the child reply kuch bhi accha sa and a keychain for mummy.

Indibni have launched these products on Mothers’ Day 2013 but throughout the year Indibni was getting orders. Then, in 2014 have designed a range for lovers like magnetic photo frames with clip arts, love postcards, etc., New products on Mothers’ Day, for father we designed a keychain that say “Papa di gaddi”, a set of coaster that says paise kya pedh par lagte hai, gaadi dheere chalaya kar, baap hu main tera, office se aate hue kya lau, gifts for friends where we detail out the types of friends we have like kadka dost, kamina dost, saccha dost, bhukkad dost and more and an exclusive range for siblings where we tried to detail out childhood memories like sharing, fighting, teasing, playing, bonding and studying that generally.

When asked about Indibni strategy of doing business then they show very inspiring and frank attitude. We simply strike words that why Indibni is diversifying into Services like designing and events? They replied “Actually we are not getting diversifying now. Since beginning, we were experimenting to various business models for products but as it require investment, So rather than taking loan from the market I and Ankit decided to take service projects to sustain. Because of the creative background we always have queries from local clients for the services like brand designing, promotional strategies etc. But we were not able to work on the products parallel to the services. Then, Khushbu our friend joined our creative team and mutually our trio designed the face of indibni. With time, we became selective for services projects. Now, we are continuing services for the clients who are associated with us on long term basis. For example, we have a client, whom we provided branding services, then they asked us to design something exclusive for their band as promotional product as well as some strategy/event for positioning it, we did it as complete package, and client too was happy as he was getting one stop solution. This is how we are scaling our products and services related to products in a single direction”.

Now these Creative e shops could be the new symbols for the Indian e commerce platform, the people have vision, they have mind machines and well they know how to generate resources for evolution in this field.                                                                                         Go to Indibni Shop